What I've Learned About Bugs

I'm glad you've come to visit my informal School of Bugs!

Construction manager, reviewing site plans

My name is Dennis, and my background is in land surveying and development. As a result, I spent a lot of time outside. I might spend days in a forest or marching through fields and skirting marshes. Alternately, I may find myself on construction sites that were either ankle deep in mud or hazy clouds of dust. Regardless, bugs could attack me all day, every day. Over time, I learned a lot about what worked to keep bugs at bay - and what didn't work. I've tried to pass on some of that knowledge here in the hope that you won't get the itchy education I did.

... and a bit about the suggestions you'll find here

Some of my suggestions relate to keeping bugs out of your home while others address keeping your yard bug-free. There are also some suggestions to help keep your pets free of ticks and fleas, which will keep them happier and prevent those bugs from hitching a ride into your house.

My first suggestions are for natural, long term solutions. Unfortunately, it takes time to put those solutions in place, but once done, they tend to take care of themselves for many months or even years. Some solutions are common knowledge, while others aren't so well known.

Electronic or mechanical traps provide a much quicker solution, but the fix lasts only as long as you maintain the trap. Still other solutions speak to how you dress while hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping. Chemical solutions are necessary in some instances, but my suggestion is to use them sparingly, only when and where they're needed.

Here I am, after surviving countless bites from bugs!

More recently, I began spending more time at the computer. Since humans are vastly outnumbered by bugs, it seemed wise to try to level the playing field. Hopefully this site will let others know how I keep the little beasts at bay while home and afield.

Whether you rent, own, or share a room, bugs have a hand in deciding your quality of life. Take control of your home and your yard - don't give bugs the upper hand!


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